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Why Buy Swag?

AKA: Promos, Merch, Ad Specialties, Giveaways
Promotional products make an impression.

Research shows that an average promotional product will make thousands of impressions over its lifetime. And at only 0.6¢ per impression, it's a cost-effective way to advertise your brand.

Plus, promos allow for active interaction. They can often be touched, used, or worn.

Finally, promos can be targeted to the exact person an advertiser wants to reach. They can be a gift to a current or prospective customer, or a thank-you to an employee.

Statistics are per:

  • Memorability

    85% remember the advertiser that gave them a promotional product

  • Favorability

    50% feel more favorable about the advertiser that gave them a promotional product

  • New Business

    37% who received a product said they were more likely to do business with the advertiser in the future

  • Passed Along

    63% give the item to someone else when finished using it


From Our Customers


Jake Ferreri
Jake Ferreri has lived in the Washington, DC area for over 10 years and has worked in the promotional products industry for his entire career. In 2014, he founded District Promos, LLC.